derek costume from Bad Taste need a New Zealander to help me out


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mistakenly I had already posted this request in the movietalks forum, but it seemed more appropriate here:

Hi all,
This may seem somewhat awkward, but I have been trying to set up an account at a new zealand auctionsite called with no luck.
Apparantly they only allow New Zealanders and Australians as members. Since I am in the Netherlands, this is not very convenient.
Now why would one want such a thing you might ask? See, I am trying to make a Derrik costume thatPeter Jackson wore in his first movie Bad Taste:
In that movie he also carried a vinyl newman travelbag around where he had his uzi stuck in.
See the scene at 16:44 :
Seems like these bags are nowhere to be found except in new Zealand, where they are being ut on auction sites like forementioned
I have found one on there from this seller for only 10$ :

My question now is. Would any New Zealnd member of the RPF be interested in buying this for me, so I can buy it from them?
I will of course pay for all costs involved.
It would greatly help me out finishing this costume idea.

Thanks in advance


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It's arrived! Did you get my PM? It's in great condition, and all bubble-wrapped. I'll find out how much to post if you can get back to me with your address. Cheers, Phil
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