Demon Hunter - Diablo III (WIP)

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    Hi all,

    I'm currently in the process of doing a demon hunter build from D3. This has been on my list for a while now so I'm pretty * excited to be able to get stuck into it!

    I decided on the "3rd tier" armor as I'm on a time limit (is being built for Oz Comic Con in April) so I didn't want to have to sacrifice anything due to timeframe!

    So at the moment I have put about 30 hours into it.

    Everything is built with foam (my fav material to use!) and templates I've drawn up to fit my body and to scale to me so it doesn't look silly.

    Anyway this is the reference image.


    Started to mock up the thigh armor.


    Then made the chestplate.



    Started on the collar and the large shoulder armor.





    Test fit with everything so far to see how it looks and sits.


    Started on the belt piece, again using a paper template that I had drawn up ad then cut out of foam.



    Went back to painting my shoulder piece after I had sealed it with glue so the finish wouldn't come out porous and horrid.



    Started on the other shoulder piece, this is the smaller of the two and is a fantastic kind of burnt gold colour, I'm really happy with the colours I chose to get the finish.



    The top of the arm pieces which kind of hide under the shoulders. You can see one of them is finish and the other I am waiting for the puff paint to dry then I can puff it up, seal it then paint it the goldy/bronze to match the shoulder.


    Hoping to get a bit more done this weekend but so far happy with how it's travelling :)
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    I haven't updated this for a while oops! So I finished the build and have worn it for a few shoots and for Comicon, I was accepted into the championships of cosplay contest which I was very grateful for but didn't manage to win the talent I was up against was honestly just phenomenal and I feel proud to be up there with them!


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