Defiance - Screen Used Scrip + Other Items (Updated 8/13/2023)


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I think I managed to get my hands on screen-used ja-ja from the show. I hope this is enough for a few drinks at the NeedWant. I purchased it from a seller on eBay (this guy apparently had a whole lot of props from various shows. I know buying off of eBay is a huge gamble, but I haven't seen any other users here selling replicas of the cash or anyone doing digital downloads of their recreations, and the only one I have seen is a user who did one denomination, not all of them. And it included a color copy of the COA from the auction). Even so, it looks really good (some of them looks like they've got some wear on them (which makes sense, considering how the world of the show, the cash was treated like the real thing). If it turns out not to be screen-used, I'll have the mods lock the thread. But I do believe the guy was legit.

ADDITIONAL EDIT: If these are the same ones used in the show, this would count as my first screen-used prop I've every purchased.

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The two latest additions from the production. Might have to ask about the possibility of making a resin copy of the ring:


I bought a second set of screen used scrip and finally found a frame. Now, just need to figure out how to display the E-Rep button and ring.


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