DEC Han Solo ANH Hero with Blastercore 4.0


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I just finished this one today for Ron. He had DEC send me the denix and ANH Hero kit to build out for him with a blaster core 4.0.

This was the first time getting a denix prepped by Dave at DEC, and I was pleased to see that he pre-drill and tapped the mount screws. This is usually a medium pain in the butt to line up correctly and I didn't have to worry about it at all.

I just had to lathe the nut down super thin to make space for the electronics and battery pack.

He also milled in the mystery disk, so that saved me a little hassle as well.

Now he didn't MILL out the denix logo, but it was filed flat. So a big thanks to DEC for saving me some time.

I still did have to mill the trigger and shape it, as well as mill the extractor detail into the bolt.

The DEC wooden grips are great for milling channels and clearances for the recharge port, and speaker... as well as a big well for resonance for the sound.

Another change form recent cast DEC kits was that the scope body was machined from aluminum rather than cast pewter alloy. Also the flash hider was aluminum, as well as the bull barrel. This changed up the ease of chemical bluing as the scope being all aluminum turned blue but was much harder than the pewter to get a consistent finish. The bull barrel took the finish very nicely but the scope body was very hard to get done. It took me a LONG time to do it for some reason.

Here's some video of it. I will try to get pics before shipping it off.

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Beautifully crafted. Just outta curiosity, how much tension is on the slide, doesn't seem like much from the video. Love the blue barrell and weathered mount.


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Not much. It's a denix so it's enough for it to slide back but it's not a big problem to hold in place for sd card removal.

Nothing like a real one.


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Absolutely beautiful. You need to start etching a signature and serial number on the slide or under the grips or somewhere, Scott. It'll help future generations of collectors identify and value them.
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