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I was really inspired by user Fuzzual in the poker table that he made after looking at some of the pictures posted I thought I might try and build a two to three foot long diorama of the death star trench. If you have read any of my past posts as for-mentioned I am new but really want to start a little scratch building and with some old printer parts that would just go to recycle I gathered some parts bought a 5 dollar helicopter kit and paid attention to Fuzzual's remarkable work (respect). So my start was building the blaster gun and I plan on making a bottom run and one side displaying an FM x-wing that is my next build. This is the first time that I really worked with styrene.
On my Christmas list to my wife I asked (she is my santa) for the Sculpting a Galaxy book hope hope some death star trench pics are featured..

So my question is and I have searched the net any good pic's of the trench out there not trying to be exact but would like to reference from some pictures..

Here is my beginning and the blaster that I made that I want to place in the bottom, this was sprayed with MM paint can. Waiting for my filter for my air brush which was a ship for free deal so may take some time to get it.

Other Christmas item's I asked Sata for:
Fine molds Y-wing
Master air brush G23

Thanks again to Fuzzal as I put my own spin on this but really looked at what he created and used a a ref..(not copied exact)




Hey man, just caught this for the first time. Thank you very much for the compliments, I'm honored. Looks like you're off to a great start. I have collected several reference pics over the years, but I don't have access tonight. I will get them on your thread tomorrow.

I'm not much of a accuracy modeler, I just love to tinker. But the reference stuff is inspiring. I also have spent a large amount of time looking at the work of some fantastic molders around here;


Just to name a few,mand I am leaving a TON of others around here that are fantastic! Keep going man, it looks good!
First thing you need is some death star tiles. Not sure of your budget but Minifig does the best around. Even if you just look at his thread for inspiration you can't go wrong. Also if you search for turbo laser here there are some great screen grabs of the laser and trench.

On my Christmas list to my wife I asked (she is my santa) for the Sculpting a Galaxy book hope hope some death star trench pics are featured..

There a couple of pictures of the trench, but not too much. There is a 2 page spread that shows the trench and surrounding detail. They pretty much had a set of modular tiles they cast and used over and over again in various configurations, so I would do like Jedimaster said and check out the tiles

Starship Modeler Store: Death Star Tiles

Death Star Tiles
Thanks for the feed back. I have seen the google images of the trench but none focus on the bottom of the trench and a lot of them are animated. That gun picture on flickr is incredible. I don't think i want to buy the panels although they look great I want to scratch the entire thing although it may be a little different and not as detailed I think it will be cool to do. Right now I am working on the trench exhast hole.. I have just begun and have lots of work to do but to start I have a PVC fitting as the hole and have drilled out and fit this in the board that I am using as the base of the diorama. I found a pic on the star wars trench Wiki that focus is on the exhaust. I plan to have the hole lit up as luke hits his target. I have some styrene cut and will post pictures when I am futher ahead. It would be great to find more pics of the inside of the trench just to look at as I continue. Thanks for the posts..

I may have some styrene questions its amazing the rounded edeges and curves in the work that I see people post on here and I am alittle unsure how you get styrene to mold or cover the seems so well..


Right now I am working on the trench exhast hole..

For what its worth, that's one of the two pictures of the trench included in Sculpting a Galaxy. Kind of a smallish picture though. The other is a two page spread that shows you a look down the trench and you can see some good detail on the floor of it. A lot more gun towers than I thought. Both in and out of the trench. Makes you wonder how the fighters even made it through if they all just focused their fire
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