Death Dealers from Underworld

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I got this screen used Death Dealer outfit from Underworld...

... and this made me wonder who they were and how each of them was equipped:
As far as I know there are only three named DDs:

Kahn - the leader/weapon specialst played by Robbie Gee
Rigel - played by Sándor Bolla
Nathaniel - played by Hank Amos

There's also a Death Dealer Captain mentioned in the credits played by Andreas Patton. Could this be the one who makes the phone call from Amelia's train?

And then there are all those nameless DDs not mentioned in the credits...
The holster I have is from DD2 (Balázs Barbank) the trench coat from DD3 and the jacket from DD6.
I was able to screen match the holster from the leather texture, but I couldn't get a good view on the actor's face. Can anyone help? Any ideas who played the other DDs?



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I just picked one of these up from snake eyes here on the forum.
I'd love to get some help IDing the parts of mine if you don't mind.
also, I need to replicate the holster.
can you help me out?