Announcement Dear German Members who want a Premium Membership

Alan Castillo

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Anyway, all the above are moot points at the moment, I think, as the objective would be to give Premium Membership now to those who want it but don't have a Credit card linked to their Paypal.

It is standard that members can 'gift' others with a PM subscription, as a 'one-off'.

All one has to do, and until a permanent solution can be found, as I suggested above, and subject to his confirmation, is liaise with Art, he will give you a direct Paypal email, you go to your 'send money' option in Paypal as you would do for any normal transaction, making a note in the comments of your board user name, etc, and then your membership would be activated 'manually' for a year.

Click click click ... ca-ching :lol


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I'm also not allowed to make recurring payments with paypal. It has to be done manually from here. If that will be an option, I am in for Premium. Paypal still has some restrictions for Eastern Europe alas.