Darth Vader Helmet

Jamie Davison

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Right, I have just just finished sanding the armour with 1200 grit wet'n'dry so it is ready for primer, I was hoping to primer it today but everytime I sanded something new holes appeared. Im gonna let it dry over night (from wet sanding) and tomorow, depending on the weather I will primer it.....


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Originally posted by SWFreak@Mar 17 2006, 06:39 PM
Is there a Vader specific costuming forum? Some type of one stop shop for all things Vader.

Try www.sithlords.com This is a group of Vaders, Mauls, Dookus, Palpatines that know a few things about gearing up as Darth Vader.

However, don't go in asking to buy stuff. That can be considered a no-no. If you want info on Vader gear, do some reasearch first, then ask questions later. The folks on this board are VERY helpfull. Good luck.