Darth Maul Morph Mask Idea


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Hey All,

My son and I currently cosplay and Jango and Boba Fett. My son wants to switch to something else. I was thinking Darth Maul and he was thinking Obi-Wan. Now I see cosplaysky has what looks like a nice Darth Maul tunic, but I don't have anyone to do makeup. I was thinking I could get a morph mask and paint the red portion of Maul's face on it. I don't have anybody to do makeup and I don't want to wear a silicon mask and sweat to death. I figured this might be a good in between, and I could glue the horns onto the mask.

What does everybody think? Any other ideas?


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The problem with a morph mask is that your mouth and eyes would be hidden and immovable and your nose would all but disappear. It'll be tough to make a Maul that'll look great without using makeup in some way, shape, or form.


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Ah, those are good points. I was thinking of cutting eye holes, but was worried about the mouth. I didn't even think of the nose!

I did some more research and I guess some people use stencils for the make up.

I was trying to think of a happy medium between a latex mask and makeup.
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