Darker Than Black Hei's Mask Build (EVA Foam) NEED HELP!!

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by MrHurric4ne, May 20, 2015.

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    hi, I just joined this forum and this is my first post EVER :D

    so I want to make Hei's mask from the anime Darker Than Black
    I've spent 2 days just trying to find the right pattern for this mask
    this mask is so simple yet so hard to make out of EVA foam

    everytime I make one, it's either not in the right shape, or it doesn't fit well on my face (I need it to at least fit well on my face because I'm going to wear a wig with a pretty long bangs)

    here's an example of the mask 1398229231743.jpg

    can anybody help me with the pattern?
    and fyi, I tried peps, it didn't come out too good

    it doesn't need to be the exact pattern for this mask, it could be like Anbu's mask pattern, or just a pattern for a plain mask
    sorry if there're mistakes in my grammar, English is my 2nd language :)
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    This is not made from foam but looks the same :

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