Dante's Wicked World - The Collectors - Mask #1 GREY


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Hello fellow RPFer's!

I recently wrapped up a project with some fellow members and wanted to post some photos for everyone's viewing pleasure. This mask belongs to a character that I conceived of more than ten years ago, one of three villains I call "The Collectors." They are set to star as the primary antagonists in the second book in my series, the first being "Dante's Town of Terror." While this creature DOES make an appearance in that novel, it is a short cameo. I had the mask designed specifically to use for the cover of the second novel in the series. I'm currently working with an artist to get it nailed down. Member skylu3Design did the 3D modeling for the piece, and mikenelson1982 finished and painted most all of the mask. The work these guys put out is top notch, and I would highly recommend them to anyone on the board. I added the metal pieces on the cheeks, painted the teeth, and added some rose on the cheeks along with some freckles. I also did some tiny touches of silver around the eye-sockets as a nod to Boba Fett (although it's not easy to see). The weathered finish is meant to emulate cracked porcelain, and I was blown away with the end result. Although I can't divulge any details of the character himself, I figured a lot of the horror enthusiasts on this site would want to check it out regardless.

For a little background, I love a lot of the same flicks as the rest of you. This mask was inspired by V's mask from V for Vendetta (I'm sure the love for that design is obvious), and also the Gentlemen from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The wire mesh was something I loved off of a Predator mask that I owned, and I thought it fit the character. Anyway, I just thought I'd share this with everyone. This mask belongs to Grey, with the other two named Grimm and Grendel. I plan to do a complete set in the end. I never really realized how fun and cool it would be to create props based off of my own universe, so I may go beyond that even and get some more made up.




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