Dannik Jerriko bust - the Pipe Smoker!

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by TomSpinaDesigns, Feb 27, 2006.

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    Hey all,

    In between projects (like I don't have enough going.) I was commissioned to do a Dannik Jerriko bust. He's the Pipe Smoker from the cantina (for those not up on the oddball LFL names).

    The guy wanted it fast, and while researching the character, I noticed that Jerriko was fairly thin with high cheekbones and had a very simillar groove in his right cheek to Peter Cushing's. So, rather than do a new sculpt, I did this over a Cushing bust that I had laying around.

    Of course, it's more involved than it sounds :lol

    Starting with a blank Cushing casting, I used latex, pros-aide and cotton to reshape his features.

    Among the work I did:

    Filled in the neck wrinkles
    beefed up the chin and lower lip
    added the droopy upper eyelids and trimmed out the lower lids
    repositioned the ears to stick out a bit more
    I filled in the groove between his brows
    opened the mouth and rebuilt the upper lip
    created the teeth (translucent sculpy rules.)
    added chin scars and pock-marks on the cheeks
    filled out the cheeks a bit so he is less gaunt

    Oh, and I gave him a giant mashed-potato nose.

    The hair is hand-laid crepe that went on straight and I curled using a curling iron. It's two different browns mixed together and I dusted it with a darker brown color to settle it all in.

    It's not as accurate as I could've done had it been a fresh sculpt, but for working with existing materials, I'm pretty happy with the way it came out (and so is the guy who commissioned it.)

    Sadly, this was a one-shot and not something I molded. I may still do a full sculpt of this character and keep one for myself, but for now, this one's off to his new home.

    Pics below, including an in progress shot and some reference shots.

  2. billy1974

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    Looks amazing Tom....and disturbing.... :) Great work as usual. Keep it up. Bill
  3. Pauleysolo

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    very nice work- some excellent photo reference as well
  4. wuher da brewer

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    Outta sight, man. Outta sight. Talk about pipedreams....
  5. allosaur176

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    boy Tom, your on a roll lately..... Great Work :thumbsup
  6. saber_holder

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  7. bothanspy

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    Tom, I NEED one. :cry You must cast it for us, PLEASEEEEEE :D
  8. Sluis Van Shipyards

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    Cool... That's too funny because I was going to PM you back that you need to do him next. :lol
  9. rileyreplicas

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    Awesome work. You would not even know that it was a Cushing bust to begin with. I love the pipe hanging out of his mouth as well :)

    RONCULUS Well-Known Member

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    Man, you are pumping them out..

    Great job.

  11. Boba Frett

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    As always fantastic work :thumbsup :thumbsup
  12. TomSpinaDesigns

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    thanks guys. This was definitely a fun (if offbeat) project.

  13. Jedifyfe

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    The strangest thing is that, since they filmed Star Wars in England...this is the guys real teeth :)
  14. TomSpinaDesigns

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