D&D Mimic!!


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I have a friend who is a huge Dungeons and Dragons fan. For Christmas I wanted to get him something unique(ish) related to the game.

I saw online this really clever idea. There is a monster in D&D called a mimic. They can look like common objects (in the game) like treasure chests. When the player attempts to open the chest the mimic strikes! So what I saw online was a smallish normal looking treasure chest... when you open it the inside is the monster's mouth. I thought that was too funny, so I had to make one.

I started with an unstained pine treasure chest from Hobby Lobby. I stained it and masked it off. Then I sculpted the inside. Then I airbrushed the details. The last thing was to epoxy the eye and do final assembly.

Overall I'm pretty happy with it. He loved it... he couldn't stop talking about all the people he had to show it too. Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you think!!

The complete prop...
D&D Mimic Chest.jpg

Some making of pictures...

The unpainted sculpture,

The airbrushing...

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