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  1. SMP Designs

    RPG-style Rogue Concept Build WIP (Pic heavy)

    Having been working on a lot of comic book and tactical-style costumes lately (as much as I love those) I wanted to go in a different direction for my new concept piece. I’ve always been a fan of RPGs, fantasy and games like World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age and similar. So, I...
  2. a438980

    Show off your animated series/movies props! (Disney/Anime/Looney Toons/etc)

    I've seen many amazing props on this forum based on various movies, TV shows, and video game series, but not as much based on animated or cartoon movies or shows as I expected. There's been some great props recently pop-up like Marvin the Martian's gun & the hand-held game from FLCL, but these...
  3. lilibat

    Tiefling Warlock D&D inspired costume (horns & tail advice sought)

    I am doing a tiefling warlock costume for GenCon this year. I have several decades of experience with sewing, jewelry and some props but I am feeling a bit intimidated by the horns & tail. I am doing an original design for the robe & armor which I have under control nicely. Here is a refrence...
  4. L

    A costume for my son, Bobby The Barbarian!

    I’ve been lurking on these boards in one fashion or another for a long time. Now I have finally been inspired to start my first costume build, and it is for my son! My son turns three this month, and when he is not getting excited about Octonauts, Paw Patrol and trains, he is all about the...
  5. chris113

    The Nameless One (Planescape: Torment)

    That was my first attempt to make a miniature (20 cm height) of 'Planescape: Torment' main character The Nameless One. It's a plasticine figure and later I will make a silicone cast to be filled with plastic.
  6. franz bolo

    Is the Prop Store of London Legit?

    I was looking at knives and noticed this one. It is definitely NOT the one that's in the screen caps. :thumbsdown Snails (Marlon Wayans) Dagger FB