Cylon Raider, looking for specific reference image...


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I am looking for reference for the original series Cylon Raider - I am looking for a good detailed shot of the "intake" areas below either side of the 'nose' of the vehicle. The real thing or an acurate studio scale image would get me there - thanks in advance to anyone who can help out!


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Hi Mark,

I have two people interested in buying that SS kit. any idea who has the masters, and if it will be re-released?

Thanks, Jason

Bantha Crossing

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Hey Mark it’s kc, Im looking for Custom Replicas “Raider” as well that you patterned, know if they plan to reissue that kit again?

Mycroft Holmes

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Hi guys, I don't have any info on the Raider anymore. It belongs to Custom Replicas and I don't have much contact with them anymore. If what Charles says is true, it will be great to see the kit back out. There are a couple things that need to be replaced on it and I will gladly offer castings of the replacement parts OR tell you privately the kit/kits to get

KC, drop me a PM. I haven't seen you since the kit show!
We need to catch up on things

I'm glad the Raider was so well received. It was a labor of love. Trying to get some more goodies going but too many projects going at once



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Firstly, thanks everyone for the responses!

My goals are simpler than a studio-scale model - I'm refinishing a Monogram kit, and I'm rebuilding a few key details to better resemble the original.

The area that I can't find clear shots of are the areas inside of the 'intakes'- the front ends of the engines, is maybe the best way to describe the area. I've combed the available reference, and haven't seen a good shot yet that lets me know what the surface detail in there looks like.