Cyberman voice changer 'upgrade'


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Having started this about a year ago, and inspired by other builders recent conversions I have finally got this helmet mostly done. I sculpted the missing back portion and cast a couple in fibreglass. Attached and filled in all the gaps after gutting the wires etc. I've also extended the front of the neck and narrowed and lengthened the chin (don't know whether it should be a bit narrower?). Have yet to give it a light wash with a gunmetal grey, and plan on building the stand as of the MFX version. Have ordered some foam board to build the stand with and will update when I've got some more pictures.

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Made a start on the stand. Was thinking about casting using silicone rubber. Does anyone know how the foam card will behave with the rubber? Don't want it soaking up the rubber and giving an uneven surface to the mould. Also finding it hard to work out the shape of the struts as the helmet is covering it up in most of the pics. Wondered whether anyone with the real thing had any pics of the stand on it's own?

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The chin of the original appears to me to be the same as the helmet, its the jowls that bulge out on the CO helmet. How did you alter the chin? Did you actually cut it off and reattach it, or was it simpler than that?


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I think you're right about the jowls too, but the chin is apparently slightly longer and narrower. The measurements from an MFX helmet are posted on the cybermanbuilders forum here Has anyone actually got an MFX Cybus Helmet and a tape measure handy? :p in Parallel Universe Cyberman FORUM Forum
The chin is 38mm at the top, 41mm wide at the bottom and 41mm in length.
I added filler at the bottom to make the chin longer and sanded it flush with the helmet. I narrowed it by slicing down each side with my dremel, and filling the gaps. Sorry, didn't take any pics.
Hope this helps.


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I'm looking for a picture of the inside of the voice changer circuit board. There are two yellow wires and a red and black wires. I know where the yellow wires go but the red and black came off and don't know we're they were soldered to. Any help?
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