Help needed identifying several Cyberman Costume parts

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Posting this thread in the proper location, and with a bit more info added. I'm currently in the process of building one of the S10 Mondasian Cybermen from Doctor Who, and am in the process of tracking down the parts I'll need. I have a positive identification on a majority, but there are a few I'm having difficulty with.

1) This small dome-like object that goes over the main lamp/gun assembly. The larger spoked object has already been positively identified as a sink strainer, but the dome on top isn't part of the original. Not sure what it could be, but my guess is that it's just a lightbulb or a plastic dome meant to diffuse the light from a smaller lightbulb.


2) The small black domed objects inside the chest unit. The appear to be some sort of domed dial, knob, or nut around 15 millimeters in diameter. Still haven't found anything similar.


3) The chest unit's light bulbs. I believe these are bulbs that can be easily purchased as a majority of the parts I've been able to find have been sourced from hardware stores. Smaller bulb is 3cm long, larger is 4 cm. both have a prominent seam along the top.


4) These knurled connectors. They’re used throughout the body of the Cybersuit to attach these tubes made of tubular crin. They’re about 25mm in diameter.

5) These pipe connectors. Used to attach the crin at other points on the suit. Also have noticeable ears used for mounting to the base. Most likely some sort of plumbing part but not sure what kind or where it came from. The fittings attached to the crin at these points are also important but I believe were either scratch built or cut from rubber tubing.


6) The entire “heart” assembly. I have no idea where to start with this thing. Appears to be a combination of valves tube, and some weird glowing ball thingies.

7) The Neck ring - All the body rings on the suit are stock plastic rings; however, the one for the neck is different in that it has a chrome rim and a locking system on the back.

And that’s it! All the other parts required have had some sort of positive identification, and these are the only ones proving to be difficult. Even if you don’t know exactly what any of these parts are, even a mere suggestion or step in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!
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