Custom NightWing Armor Build


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Hey everyone I am going to be working on a NightWing Armor build for mega-con 2016(I know I've got plenty of time). The emblem will be interchangeable with my Red Hood since he uses old NightWing armor in the comics I thought this would be a cool upgrade for my Red Hood.

My plan was to use a NightWing zenti suit as the base( i thought the blue on the suit made a good back drop with armor on top) I have seen other people do this as well and i thought it looked really cool. I have already ordered this and should be here in a few weeks.

Then use a Mesh body suit to give it the textile look to attach the armor to that.
(cant find exactly what I want to use for that yet)

What I am trying to figure out now is the material I want to use for the armor.(Foam, Fiberglass, Sentra, Trashcans, if I missed any good ones just let me know)

I have a design that I am constantly tweaking until I know what material I want to use and how I am going to attach everything.
Nightwing Front and Back rev 2.jpg

And for some reason I am having the hardest time linking my FB to my Photobucket so I have a hard time uploading pics that are not on my work computer( I typically post on my lunch break) is any one else having that issue?

Any feed back is welcome.

View attachment Nightwing Front and Back rev 2.pdf View attachment Nightwing Front and Back rev 2.pdf
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I used AutoCad because I work for an AC company drawing the systems. So I can print out on full scale and put reference pictures in to overlay and redesign. Im stuck on the material to use right now and how its all going to be attached. I am hoping when my suit gets here I can have a better idea of hows its all going to attach.


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Unfortunately do to some personal things that came up I had to put all major projects aside until time and ability came around. I am starting back up on cosplay again and I hope to be using some of the things I learn on the projects I am working on now to make Nightwing be my Big Custom Build. I am currently working on a Red Hood Sith for Tampa Bay MegaCon and then for MegaCon Orlando have a Nightwing or an Armored Suit for Red Hood. Ive made some Changes to my life style that have made me much more focused and am actually able to complete projects that I start.
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