Custom NCR Ranger Armour


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To start with... this will most likely be my final project here, because I have no space for any more suits and I'll be damned if I'm throwing out something that isn't broken or can be fixed :)

I'm making myself a cosplay for the Secret Cinema in London (which is Star Wars (don't worry its not a spoiler.. they advertise what film they're showing now)) and I am a "Galactic Explorer" Apparently, sooooo here are the beginnings/almost end of the suit:

IMG_20150723_194523.jpg IMG_20150721_195250~3.jpg

Test Photoshop colour up for the Star wars theme:


This is actually a pretty cool composite, I had a tonne of fibreglass left over and some sheets of Carbon fibre cloth and criss-crossed them over the foam in the resining process, basically this thing is ridiculous strong with a dash of flex in it.

Anyway long and short of it is, once I've finished this set it will be painted with the NCR ranger "LAPD Riot gear" logo and I'll be building a helmet to match and sewing up the iconic ranger jacket.

I'm basing the design on this game MODDed version of him with the cool shoulder plates:


I'll be re-painting my Halo Sniper rifle to match this colour scheme too.

The goal of this project is to make a fully usable, versatile, combat suit with a built in cooling system, CB radio and array of sensors/display using arduino (Just for the fun of it) this suit will definitely stop a knife maybe a small rifle round .22 maybe if it's reinforced with some stainless steel perforated plates. but hey that's just a bit of fun :)

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So got all the other little star wars bits together and aside for some shin and forearm armor its all done XD

Not bad for a week and a half of building! deffo worth building the base in foam and fibreglassing that, you get such a better shape than with pep (and it's a thousand times easier/quicker)

image1.JPG image2.JPG

then the long process of making a pattern and stitching the jacket for Mr. NCR Ranger will begin... at some point.

Stay frosty

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