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Does anyone have a good source for custom acrylic display cases? I used to go to a company called Cases for collectables but they appear to have been bought out by Shoppopdispalys. Their pricing is more than double what Cases for collectables would charge and their shipping cost is outrageous. I have a couple of models (39" Seaview and Jupiter 2) I would like to have cases made. For the Seaview, Shoppop quoted me $300 for the case and $215 for shipping from NJ to GA. I paid $175 and $75 shipping for a similar size case from Cases for collectables a little over a year ago. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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I have purchased from J Display Case multiple times, but
it has been a few years since I used them.

They had about the best prices at the time.

The base is 2 layers of Sentra acrylic and you can pick from a bunch of
different color combinations. For car model cases I usually went with a
gray (road) on top of a black base.


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If you can't find reasonable prices online, it should be possible to find a local source (or at least one within driving range in your own state). I'm wondering if anyone has thought of a way to make these "flat pack" so they can be assembled by the purchaser (like IKEA furniture)?

Sluis Van Shipyards

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I haven't gotten any cases for a while and I went to check the places I had bookmarked that I used and they're all out of business now. So I need them too! I might try making my own next time.


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Speaking of ready-to-assemble, here's one option:

Here are some more links:

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Lowe's has some new bookshelves that are kinda cool:


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