Curious, has anyone built/made Batman Beyond suit?


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To help with the mask, I bought a pep file from BlackKaos for the red hood. It has the facial features like the Arkham City cowl. And if painted black with ears added to it might be a good match for what you need.

Joe Pep

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I know this nothing to do with batman but those pics with the wings reminds me of Raziel, pre soul reaver when he just emerged with the wings and before kain ripped them apart... That would also be a cool build... sorry about side tracking,,, just sayin.............. Attached Thumbnails


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I made a Batman Beyond suit for Halloween last year inspired by the Bruce Wayne "Arkham City" design. Here's a few pics.


Fangtasia2011-15 by The Man Of Stills, on Flickr

Batman Beyond 3 by The Man Of Stills, on Flickr

It's a pretty low budget project but it turned out okay. These are the items I used:
- Rubie's Batman costume mask
- Racing mask (to cover my mouth)
- Underarmor long sleeve with a Marine Grade Vinyl bat symbol sewed to the chest.
- Rubie's batman gloves
- Customized military utility belt from Amazon
- Costume superhero boots
- Yoga pants
- Foam to make batarangs
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