Could use some display advice criticism all opinions welcome


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Now in no way does my stuff compare to any of the beautiful art on this site.but I'm about to get more.and I know that allot of this is not screen accurate . that's why one by one I'm going to take them down and redo them or find a better representation.except for the stuff I made's my problem.display the moment I need to keep It to a small area.but background whatever I would like some advice please...

Do you have enough space for a bookcase?

I use the 'billy' range of bookcase's from Ikea, which come in different sizes and are very reasonably priced to display my stuff. You can interchange the wood shelves with glass ones and have numerous holes for height positioning, so you can have as may shelves as you like minimizing wasted space.
They also do inexpensive lighting solutions, a couple of Low voltage spots, and you've then got a lovely display area.
What a nice selection of irons you have! You could do a grate type background to display your guns. That might give it that industrial look. The Alpha Meson blaster is awesome!
Just don't put them under glass. Especially hand props. You should be able to pick them up. Hate 'props under glass'. Just dust them once in a while.
Thought about a grate background .and really don't have space for a shelf system.I would love something that looked futuristic and whole Idea of a weapons wall came from my love for weapons real and imagined.and capt.kirks weapon display in his apartment.when him and McCoy got together on his birthday..It's a work in progress.thanks guys...
WOW!thanks for the link.may be strange but I like this set up.but I would have a few more weapons with it.but for right now I only have a small corner of a room to work with.thanks guys....
Little asymmetrical, but other than that, looks OK to me.

Reminds me of the wall in Kirk's house in Generations.


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Iv'e seen that's from the movie?don't remember seeing that.shoot don't remember allot of stuff nowadays...
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