Copper Bones Key - measurements and materials advice please!


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Pretty new to this, so apologies if this info is everywhere and I've just missed it.

Fancied trying a copper bones key after seeing some amazing ones here, and needing a break from my slowley progressing e-11!

Can anyone help with the measurements and advice on what to work in?

I was assuming sculpey or something similar but then I read a thread where someone had used balsa and that seemed like a good approach because you could carve down into it or layer it up.

Measurements wise, I've got it (from relicmakers thread) at approx 7 inches long by 3 inches wide at the cheekbones, but if anyone's got a measurement for the thickness that'd be great.



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Got the measurements pretty much sorted now after a bit more digging so I'm happy on that front.

Anyone got any advice to offer on materials?


eric masterson

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i have the moulds from the one they cast for the film, i cast mine using bronze power that i mixed into the resin, comes out heavy and then all it needs is weathering
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