Converting Foam pep files to paper


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I am trying to use Helagaks and jackieisrockin's files to build an Iron Man mk42. However, some of the files are not in paper and that is how I like to build using pepakura. I have googled this and only found directions from paper to foam and not foam to paper. Any suggestions?

Judge Spartan

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Most of the time the rest of the parts are pushed way off to the left or up from the actual model on the 2d side. Simply reattach them and you're good to go. One other thing you can do is go into "settings", click "Other Settings..." and increase the "threshold" to add more fold lines. Good Luck..


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Tried that. Theres actual gaps in the model. I feel like this is something i have to do in a modeling program but i wasnt sure if there was a way in pepakura to add the faces i need to make it out of paper.
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