Comic-styled Batman suit, w.i.p.

Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by Jawafive, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Jawafive

    Jawafive Sr Member

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    Similar to the war games suit, but also similar to every other batsuit too, lol. Been off and on working on this since September. Needs a cowl and glove fins. Hope you guys like it. Boots are my comic ones I was working on a month or so ago.




  2. mtsbspidey

    mtsbspidey Well-Known Member

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    very very nice....skott
  3. lesternessman

    lesternessman Well-Known Member

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    looks cool. That mannequin's a little skinny to be Batman. Nice job so far.
  4. Magic Man

    Magic Man Well-Known Member

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    Hey Matt. How ya been? I dig the suit. The cape and boots rock.
  5. kdawg1

    kdawg1 Sr Member

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    That is sweet, I would love to have a full scale suit in my home. Nice very nice.
  6. jedilos

    jedilos Well-Known Member

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    sweet this is nice. one day i will do my batman costume. yours looks great

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