Comic Con: Looking For Predators For A Book Photoshoot


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Who's comic to Comic Con in San Diego next month?

Will you be at Comic Con this year? I would love if I can get some ballsy Predators who could help me take part in a group photo, which would be the book cover for the highly anticipated release of "Arnold’s Army: A Schwarzenegger Uprising". For my book cover, I will be posed with several co-stars and producers of Arnold’s films along with fans dressed as Terminators, Predators, Commandos, etc.

"Arnold's Army: A Schwarzenegger Uprising"!

As the president of Arnold's longest-running and biggest and best Arnold website in the world,, I have gotten to know some outstanding fans and celebrities and this book will focus on our lifestyles, habits and hobbies that go into being such proud Schwarzenegger fans.

“Arnold’s Army” is rich with exclusive celebrity interviews and the book’s September release is highly anticipated amongst all Schwarzenegger fans. Unlike every other Arnold book, which focused on the movie star or the politician, "Arnold's Army" is about the enthusiastic fan base behind the man. Within 20 chapters of the 150 page publication, we will explore the everyday lives of the Arnold fan - discussing our fascination, tattoos(yes, Predators too), our workouts, collections, poems, recall stories from his restaurants, discuss how we've been dealing with his absence in films, examine the rise of his number 1 fan site, divulge film sites, discuss our annual party celebrations, determine who are the biggest fans, and discuss the many possible future goals that we may soon see Arnold achieve.

Finding Arnold as a hero at the age of 11 and having my first encounter with the action star at age 19, I have interacted with his Austrian mentor over 35 times on various functions including red carpet premieres, film sets, political rallies, Arnold Sports Festivals and Restaurant run-ins.

The group photo will occur within San Diego Comic Con on Saturday, July 14[sup]th[/sup], within “autograph alley” at a time to be announced soon.

Thank you for your support... and if it bleeds, we can kill it.

Randy Jennings
Oh, and we have an interview coming soon with Sonny Handham.

Sonny Landham, who plays Billy in the film, gives TheArnoldFans an exclusive comment on the anniversary of Predator.

"It was an honor to be a part of the movie Predator. The cast and crew of Predator had to overcome many obstacles and hardships, but together we made a film that is still enjoyed by people, today. Happy anniversary, everyone!"

Stick around for our full interview.
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