Cobra Spring-Loaded Blade And Bomb Gauntlet - 25/02/2012 Bomb Computer Paint Up Started And Video Of

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Hello all you guys and gals,

As a few of you may know, I have recently been reworking on my pred suit with armour being revamped and paint ups changed and, in places, thing being completely remade i.e. the blade gauntlet (with blades) and the bomb computer gauntlet.

I have been working on my own design for these gauntlets, but I wanted to make a mechanism to go in the blade gauntlet so the blades could extent. After seeing neXus6's huntortial in the How to sectional (many thanks for that) and seeing his spring loaded blade construction, I was inspired but I noticed that neXus6 had the draw slider on show between the blades (not saying there is anything wrong with that before people start pointing fingers...!). So that got me thinking, how can I make a gauntlet mechanism without the slider looking like a third blade?

This was my answer.

I started off using:

2 draw slides
Piece of wood
Hand full of nuts and bolts
Meccano pieces
2 Large springs
2 small springs
Heavy duty string
Some plastic tubing

Here some pictures of what I did.

First I cut 2 pieces of wood (both the same size as these will be the divider between the two slides) making sure that the bottom slider over hung at the front by about 3-4cm (depending on the size of you draw slide). I then lined up the slide screw holes on the slide and drew a in wear they were. I then drilled 2 holes in both wood pieces (one at the back and one at the front) this way when it comes to fixing the slides in place they will sit evenly and parallel to each other.


Make sure you put an arrow showing which way up these will go. I used nuts and bolts to hold and pin the sliders in place.

I then drilled an hole one side of the front of both slides (both on the side that is at the top when the slides are attached) and then using a nut and bolt, screwed a large spring in place see below pictures.

After that I then added added two long bolts to the top slide at the rear end. The first one then had the long spring added and a nut screwed into place to hold it and prevent movement. The second bolt with a nut added acts as the hook that the latch will latch onto (sorry didn't get any pics of this process - camera was dead - but you can see them in other pictures below.


Picture of one slider with spring attached on wood


Picture of both slides attached with one spring in place - other spring was added in same place at later date.

Picture of mechanism fully complete both slides attached and latch mechanism in place. Slides in locked position.


The latch was made from Meccano pieces, nuts and bolts and washers. I started by bending a long Meccano piece in the centre at an angle to made just under 90 degree angle. I then added a small spring into place using a small nut and bolt (make sure you screw into the latch at the top). I then added a smaller meccano piece to the end of the latch to act as a hook. I screwed a bolt into place on the bottom slide and then added 5 nuts and 2 washers in place. I then drilled a hole about 1cm diagonally (towards to the bottom of the slide) and then screw a bolt in place adding 2 bolts.

I then placed the small spring under the latch onto the on to the diagonal bolt and screwed a nut on to hold the spring in place. After, I then place the meccano piece over the bolt with 5 nuts and the added 1 washer and 2 further nuts - the second helps lock everything into place.


Latches movement


I later, hot glued the mehanism on to another piece of wood and then screwed into place with six screws over 2 rows up the length of the wood (will add picture of this later) After, I added some heavy duty string I had lying around to act as the triggering mechanism, which pulls on the bottom of the latch and releases the top slide. The string was then slide inside some plastic tubing I had then will take the string down to my finger and will protect my hands from rope burn or being cut open by the strings movement.

I later add the string to a key ring that will go around my middle finger. This will be the release, so when my hand is moved downwards the blades will extent.


Locked in place





Still working out the kinks and tweaking a few things to make this run smoothly. I will be making some custom blades from plexi-glass acrylic sheet and will then be fixing then to the end of the slides. I will add to mock up blades for reference and get some pictures up of it so you guys an get an idea of what I am on about.

This mechanism will be mounted to the under gauntlet at a later date once everything has been sorted.

Thanks for viewing guys

Double H

Edit: more info added, run outta time earlier when originally posting
Hey, this is a cool idea. Good plan using the slides from a set of drawers.

If/when I ever upgrade mine I'll have to pick your brain, that looks good so far.
Thanks guys, still tweaking some of the parts on for example today tweaked the the hook on the latch so it responses better and easier. Still a couple of other factors that have to be worked on as well. Will keep you posted with the updates as the come lol
Great hunter!
A question.
The slides remain in open position?
They do not tend to go back?
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Great hunter!
A question.
The slides remain in open position?
They do not tend to go back?

No man, the main spring (the long one on the slide) keeps it extented with very minimal pull back. The idea of this is so the everything works against its self i.e. when the you pull the slide back to the latch, the spring on the slide is working to pull it back to extend. Same method for the spring on the latch. When the bottom of latch is pulled and the top rises on axis, the spring works to pull the latch back down in to position etc.

To pull the slides back in they would have to be fully pulled back into place manually.
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Hey guys and gals am back with a lil update.

Have been adjusting a few bits on the release latch i.e. making the hook on the end more responsive to as little movement as possible (before I was pulling the string that hard that it would have just pulled the whole enchilada off of my arm lol). Solution = make the hook smaller.

Have also added a key ring on the end of the string (that sits on my 3 finger from thumb as this has the better pull down) so when my hand drops sharply down the blades extend evenly and at the same time (y)

As promised, I have added in my original foam blades from my AVP build as a dummy test to give you guys an idea of what it would look like once the proper blades are attached - this also allowed me to figure out where the blades would sit (on average) and the distance they would extend to lol anyway here's a few snaps....

(oh almost forgot, excuse the poor quality of the blades - these are being changed for acrylic ones later on - these blades are about 6mm-10mm thick. Also the blades have not been fully screwed in place hence the reason that they seem out of line, this is just to give an idea of what it will look like lol)

Extended blades - spring released


Retracted blades - spring slide locked


I had about 5 inch worth of extension once the blades have been release from the locked to extended position (y)


Intimidation on santa, my 'claus' are bigger ;) blades locked


Blades extended


I have lost the pictures of the latch being altered and the key ring being added so will have to either fish them out or retake them lol

No santa's were harmed in the making of this post - he will still come for everyone for the 25th for all those that were worried lol :ninja:

Thanks for looking
If I was Santa, I'd be running away from those pretty damn fast

Looking good! How are your fingers, did the mechanism try to bite back?
If I was Santa, I'd be running away from those pretty damn fast

Looking good! How are your fingers, did the mechanism try to bite back?

hahahaha, he ran so far he ended up in the north pole lol

No fingers are fine, the string is covered with plastic tubing so my knuckles and surrounding fingers don't get rope burn lol the springs that pull the latch back are strong enough to pull latch back into place and not pull my finger back so if my hand stays at a down angle the latch stays open until my hand flexes back into normal position at the latch close. I get practically know resistance from the mechanism - though I tried using the blades on a coke can, needless to say it didn't end to well for the can lol
Hey everyone,

Long time, no update

I got so caught with Christmas and then I started sculpting (yes thats my excuse lol) that everything got put to one side for a lil while. But after looking at Quakevirus's build thread, I became re-inspired and decided to work on them (on the side) but at the same time :)

Any just a little update. I have recently made so new blades out of MDF. I was going to use Perspex or PlexiGlass but when it came down to cutting I couldn't get the band saw to cut the corners out and everytime I turned it the blade came of the circulator so I decided to go with MDF.

It actually turns out that MDF blades are better than Perspex as they are lighter and more durable (well if you have them attached to a mechanism, weight is a big thing :p )

I then used so Milliput to sculpt the shapes of the blade ends and contours in. Once that was dry I then sanded them down and then drilled some holes where the drawer slides will bolted in place.

I then took them for a test spin (sorry for the quality in pictures. They were taken on my phone and by myself )

I hope to start working on the cover for this soon.

Thanks for looking guys
Ok, update time.

I had a few problems keeping the gauntlet on the top of my arm, due to the weight of it and eventually the mechanism broke away from the gauntlet bottom and hit the deck :(

Back to the drawing board o_O

I then had a thought about using belts to 'lash' it to my arm. So after a quick trip to the pound shop I manage to get hold of 2 , different sized, leather belts :cool: . Then, then screwed these to the mechanism adding foam underneath them so it sits on my arm nicely and I won't get slinters lol confused? Heres so pictures....




A lil video of the blades in action

Thanks for viewing, let me know what you think.
Gnarly. I just wished you would have went more in depth in the video. Explaining more how the mechanism works and such.

Awesome though. Truly terrifying.
Hey guys and gals, just a lil update for now.

I have just finished priming and base coating the blades and this is what they are looking like now.

I also, decided to add my bomb computer gauntlet into the thread as they will be part of the same build. Still gotta add a few more details to it but you get the basic idea. I haven't done the computer panel yet - waiting on a delivery from quakevirus and my EL tape for back lighting. Was also thinking of adding in some red LED;s to the lid?? But this is what I have got so far....

Thanks for looking and commenting guys and gals.
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