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Isn't machining something from scratch cost a fortune? What 'bout a cast from a real Webley?

CT mannequin looks good, nice pose.

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Blaster: The machined webley wont be too bad at all; comprable to collector pricing. A lot depends on how many we decide to do. So far Ive got a head count of around 10 people. Id like to see around 15-20 people just for the sake of time and efficiency. I may yet do some of the plastic connector parts machined as well. Its a balance of accuracy and durability....and weight. :D

Clone: thanks. I really love working on this project, just need to carve out some regular time every week. I cant wait to show off the new pictures, but alas, the camera has eluded my grasp until next time. :unsure

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Ive had half a dozen email questions re: the clone that I should clear up.

No the final version wont be a statue.....per se.

Yes the final version will be in components.