Clear-cast Resin (again!)

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Birdie, Feb 3, 2006.

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    Man, I hate this stuff.

    Does anyone know what a suitable release agent is for polyester clear-cast resin? I don't seem to be able to find anything on the net.

    I'm also having real problems finding a suitable moulding agent. The literature says not to use silicone or latex.

    So, If I use clay, I guess I will need some sort of sealant too?

    Please help a guy out :cry
  2. Noeland

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    Give this website a looksee. Might find the info there.

  3. Fetthunter

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    Right on. I use nothing BUT Smooth-On products. Have for 4 years. :thumbsup

    In fact, I've got 2 gallons of Urethane resin and 2 quarts of Silicone rubber inbound from PA as I type this. :D

    They should have something to help you, and if you don't find it on their website, email them. They'll come up with a solution for you. ;)

    Good luck.

  4. hydin

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    ive used castincraft clear resin here with some decent results.

    best mold release i have ever seen/used is just vaseline, but you have to get just a light LIGHT coat in there.

    also, heating it up during its curing time and after (i crack the door to the oven and put it on warm, maybe around 100 degrees or so) helps the resin set and not get that "tack" feeling.

    when you take it outta the mold, pop it BACK in the oven on a baking pan or aluminum foil or something, crack the oven door and get it back into the warm setting, leave it sitting for an hour or so, and itll come out great and tack free.

    sand down to the finish you need, then hit it with future floor wax and you have a beautiful piece :)

    hope this helps

    edit - also, just a heads up, GOD this stuff reeks. have the doors and windows open and for the love of god dont use a baking pan or some other thing that you will cook on again.
  5. exoray

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    And by the same tolken, you really shouldn't use the oven you cook in either... I picked up a small toaster oven for $14 new, works great...
  6. Corellianexports

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    Any one have an alternative to Castncraft clear resin?

    I checked the Micromark catalog and didn't find any thing. Does smooth-on have an alternate clear resin?

  7. exoray

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    Smooth On clear cast is TOP notch but expensive.

    It's also a urethane based resin (not polyester) so it's much easier to work with and get good castings... It requires ventalation, as it's toxic stuff so play safe...

    Alumilite also offers a urethane clear, that is ok, it's much thicker bodied then Smooth On's so it's harder to de-gas but sets up without any tack, just like the Smooth On...
  8. blufive

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    Smooth On has a few different versions in the Crystal Clear line. I use formula 220. Be sure to check the data sheets online because the diferent formulas have differnt curing times, as well as different thickness limitations.

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