Cleaning help for a new guy


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There is a cleaning product available at most home depots called Odo-Ban. In my experience it can take bad smells out of anything, HOWEVER I have never used it on latex and I DO NOT know how it would react with it or with the paint either but for most things I have cleaned with it, it has not harmed anything and done the job quite well. Might be worth checking into.


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I have been just trying to air it out outside in the garage. It is a little better but not much.
I will look for that product next time I go to the Depot.

Thanks....any others?

Mr Fett

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If there is foam on the inside of the skins, maybe spraying that part with Febreeze? Not sure the proper chemicals for the outer skins to use that won't remove the paint, though. Hope you get some good answers!
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