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The Dr Who episode I like the most is Asylum of the Daleks where Clara or Oswin Oswald is taped under the ice after having crash landed on the Star-ship Alaska. I fell in love with her immediately and started on her belt. Being a guy I had no reason to make it for a costume but was compelled to produce it anyway. Oswald's belt was such a integral part of her first costume because of all the random gadgets that never had an explanation or reason to them. She was always making a Soufflé but with out eggs , eggs EGGS, EEEEGGGGSSSS, Exterminate! There are many random gadgets on her belt that have now explanation of what they are for allot like the gadgets on Batmans Belt. She just has on a killer red dress, seductive voice and a rocking easy chair. I will try to get all the pics in this post. Dan
PS. done shortly after airing.
clara_oswin_oswald__belt__home_made_2_by_yellowbronco-d6zph6w (1).jpg







I have close shots of the original that was (is still must be) exposed at the Doctor Who Experience, if it might be of any help :)
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