Chucky Knife Jason Axe Scores


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I found this cool plastic knife at Dollar Tree which I originally bought for a possible Scream display, since the official knife is too thick for most mannequin hands, and the Buck 120 replicas are expensive which I plan on getting later. I thought I would repaint it and make it look more real but turns out it looks pretty realistic, and WAY better than I thought when I pulled it out of the sheath. It it is also the perfect size for Chucky, and looks more realistic than his gray one which is thicker and heavier and falls out. I also bought the plastic Jason Axe as I want to repaint it and make it look more realistic as I do with my cardboard axes, and the way I did with my plastic axe from spirit that I used for my Creeper costume. I might use it for a Hatchet costume. Should be fun!

Almost done, made to look like aged steel that is dirty and rusty. So far coming out great! Great for Hatchet as well. These will be available for sale also. Very light and would work with a lifesized.

Bloody version, colors actually a little darker in person and blood still wet here. Still working the prototype.

Finishing touches, mixed up a custom wood color to look like a new handle, then aged it by dry brushing all the cracks and crevices dark brown/black as well as washing the entire handle to darken it slightly.

Thanks! Yeah it looks even more real in person, I am very happy with the prototype. Some outdoors pics in brighter light. Even looks real in daylight which was my goal as well.

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