Chrome Trooper Build (The Force Awakens)


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So I couldn't resist after seeing the new trailer I have decided to make the new chrometrooper. He sort of feels like he is going to be the new Boba Fett.
Starting with the helmet and working my way down.


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Thanks! I was worried about finding some good reference pictures, going to start and finish fabricating the helmet today.

JJ Griffin

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Wait did I just hear you say that the chrome trooper is a woman? uh oh (I'm not)

Were you trying to avoid spoilers? If so, ignore us... otherwise we can elaborate. Either way I think you will be fine, the face seems to be fully covered in all the promotional art and I'm sure it will be much the same way in the movie.

JJ Griffin

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The name is Captain Phasma and she's rumored to be played by Gwendoline Christie (Brienne from Game of Thrones). So she will be very tall (even for a man). As long as you keep your helmet on it should be quite "canon".


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I have dubt on Gwendoline Christie's Character.
Let me explaine.

On this picture we can see the tall size of toys:

So we know the size of Characters Toy
and we know the size tall of the actors...

So I make a table.

Blue = Known values
Green = Defined values
Red = Calculated Values

Nametall size (cm)tall size (ft,in)ratiotoy tall @100%toy tall @104%ratio 2characters name
John Boyega1755' 9"0,837146,4152,30,870Finn
Daisy Ridley1705' 7"0,843143,31490,876Rey
Peter Mayhew2187' 2"0,894195202,80,930Chewbacca
67,022' 2"0,8456,358,6BB8
191,316' 3"0,84160,7167,1Kylo Ren
Gwendoline Christie1916' 3"

Online modifiable table

What did you think about it ?

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JJ Griffin

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How did you work out that the Chromed Trooper is a she? :confused

Most of the various rumor and spoiler sites have listed her as Captain Phasma/the "chrome" trooper, supposedly Finn's commanding officer, for months now (long before the teaser trailers were released). Of course they could be wrong, we won't know for sure till we get closer till release. But, is it really that much of a stretch? ;)


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You are going to see 10 times more dudes than women wearing this because regardless of who is wearing it in the movie, the character is absolutely bad to the bone.


Sorry, had to.

The armor isn't what my wife's worried about for her Phasma build (a lot of it is very close to the new TK's in terms of general shape; may need some tweaks, especially the helmet)'s the cloak. I'm seeing some pockets towards the side of it, and who knows what the material is made of/how it's sewn (I believe the cloak is soaked since you can see rain coming down in the background).

A lot of this truly bad-ass costume will become more apparent to us on release of the movie, as well as any promo shots and toys.

I have a feeling Phasma is going to be our new Boba Fett. We were VERY surprised to see her with a blaster since her concept art that leaked last summer had her with a lightsaber on her belt.
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