Child size Proton pack.


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SPent about an hour today working on my sons Proton pack for Halloween. Again it is out of foam just like mine, It will have some lights but not the proper kind, I will see what I have laying around, the plan is that this proton pack will cost under $30.00 to complete.
Foam is great stuff for a pack. Be sure to get all the little dress-up parts on there if you can. It makes the packs that much better.

Here's the 75% scale one I did for my son last year made from foam, wooden dowels and some styrene. When done it was just over 4 lbs with the thrower attached. I'm hoping to add sound in the next couple of weeks.

Also one suggestion is if you can find it try the dullcoat foam spray paint from testors (I got mine at Michaels). I used that on my sons and it evened the color out and really brought out the details.

What kind of glue are you using the hold the EVA foam together? I need to look into building a few packs for my kids. This looks very promising and makes it much lighter for them to tote around.

I built this one for my son about 3 years ago. Most of it is foamboard, the rest is junk parts I had lying around. None of it is screen accurate...I was just going for generic look.


Can't wait to see progress on this build!
Ok so did some more today, this thing is going to be finished before mine is. I am still waiting on a hose for mine.
Here is the pack as of tonight.
Here an update. Been busy working on my sons proton pack, while waiting for some switches to come in the mail for mine.
I am almost done with my sons now.


Dang....when I was a kid, the only thing available was:


Kids these days get all the cool stuff....Iron Man costumes and screen accurate Proton's not fair....

LOL. Nice work!
Bwahaha. This is amazing man. I'm in the tail end of Proton Pack build for a friend, and seeing this made my day. It really looks awesome, and I can only imagine how thrilled your kid will be to have it. Can't wait to see how you finish it! :)
So I finished a smaller scale trap for my sons costume and made a PKE meter out of a hair brush also made him a radio and then using some fake leather I made some holsters and clips for his belt. He wore it to school on Friday for his halloween party and was not only a huge hit in the playground but he came first in their costume competition.

Realize this is an old thread. My son recently discovered the movie. Wondering if someone could make one of these for me?
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