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I thought I was done with the gun but it needs more work. I'm going to fill the holes and glue everything on. Oddly enough the coloring of it changes from scene to scene in the show as does the setup of the controller. I really want to make the powerglove/ultimate warp zone but the power glove i bought cost 40.00 so i'm not sure i want to even if it doesn't work.
The gun and the controller are both knockoffs from ebay and honestly the quality is really good plastic wise. You'd really never know it wasn't an original controller.

The light gun I just tore down and removed the guts from it, the trigger is stationary because i didn't think of putting a new sprint in it at the time so i might fix that later on. I sprayed the blue part with walmart's cheap rattlecan red primer which makes great red paint and put it together. I'm going to tear it down, fill the holes, and glue it together as it will look better that way.






The controller:
I did little to modify it other than gut it, the buttons all still work, and I added the "Nintendo" sticker to it even though it isn't in the show. The sticker seems to be peeling so i may have to redo it. The buttons up top are probably going to get reworked but they're green dice in a custom made mounting. The mounting is what has me unhappy so i might rebuild it depending. The worst part now is trying to match the gray of the controller to a paint for the upper half.




Then I have to find a belt to mount it too. i also am trying to find a jacket to modify into Kevin's but not having much luck as even used the suckers are expensive.
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Wes R

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Filled some holes on the gun but the still show up even with the paint so i guess i need to rework them. Here's more pics.




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