Capricorn One remake?

Mr Webber

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Ive been puttibg a Capricorn One collection together and am just waiting for the crew patch to arrive this week to cap it off and got to thinking that this movies as qualified for a new treatment as any other.
For better or worse, the remake trend seems entreanched and the best i can get out of it is remakes of my favorites. If set in the present day or near future it would need some much tighter writing and a little less artistic licence in terms of keeping it from getting out.
Does anyone know of any plans on a drawing board somewhere to revive, or deprive, depending on point of view, this classic?
You bet, great cast except that at the time Sam Waterston as an Astronaut didnt bother me, now it does. I guess he was the brains of the crew.
Actually I could see this one getting a remake. Probably wouldn't be as good but you're right it could use a bit more storyline about stopping it from getting out.
I agree. They'd do what they do with all movies now. Just throw in songs from the flavor of the month band in order to sell records. Actual orchestra scores are going to be a thing of the past soon I think.
I sure hope they did go for a traditional score, but as posted you couldnt top the original.

One of my favorite scores is the late Brian Mays Mad Max 2. For me MM3 went wrong from the second the music started, no offence MM3 fans, i know your out there.

With C1, i guess what time its set in might decide the theme of music. I also hope any potential producers dont think that waiting until nasa is ready for the real thing might be a better time to remake it. Could be ten years plus away.
Keep your god d##n head down!


I love the music in this movie, btw.

Love Capricorn One. I remember reading that someone was trying to do a remake, but it has never really got off of the ground. (No pun intended) LOL
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