Can vibe/Voda makeup airbrush paints be used for props?


New Member
Hello everyone! I have a prop mask that I am making out of foam clay.

I’m about to airbrush the final details but I don’t own any airbrush paints for props. Online it says that the vibe/Voda makeup paints are only intended for body painting, but can I use them for props anyways? If I can’t can anyone explain why?

I only have 1 airbrush for makeup and I’m scared of putting any other paints in my airbrush that aren’t intended for makeup.
Long term they may not be as UV resistant as an actual acrylic paint, but beyond that I don’t see why they wouldn’t work. I’ve painted many busts and props with skin illustrator which is alcohol activated makeup. It’s holding up just fine.

Throw a final clear coat on to seal and protect it if you’re worried. A few light coats of Krylon clear (or your preferred brand) would be fine.

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