Can use some help with a Jack Nicholson Wig


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Hey gang. Before I cut a wig up and glue it onto my bald Nicholson life size, anyone know of a decent wig with a receding hairline that had sideburns? I know that is a tall order, but I am willing to pay more if it looks good. Maybe a toupee would be the best option.
You might be able to buy a wig and push it back on the scalp and create the front of the hairline yourself. Human hair wigs look the best.

What material is you Nicholson head? If it's soft (silcone, latex/polyfoam,etc) you could punch the hair in - or - if it's a plaster or resin type of material you could try laying the hair. You'd have to research laying hair, it's a makeup effects technique. Takes a lot of practice though. Punching too, for that matter.

The last suggestion would be to buy a lace front wig. It's not a whole wig, only the front portion. Lace looks a lot more natural than your normal thick foundation wigs. You could then cut up the lace front to create the receding hairline. It would still be tricky.

But really, the only way to have a quality hair piece is to have it custom made...but they are really expensive.

Not sure if I helped, but there's some info you may or may not have been aware of already. Good luck.
I think it will be kind of hard to find a wig that is meant to recreate a receding hairline as that is not really the point of a wig LOL.

Any that you find will probably look fairly costume-ish. If you do find some choices might I suggest doing the sideburns as separate pieces to broaden the wig search. Finding a wig that is a receding hairline/widow's peak, looks real, and has sideburns may limit your choices greatly.
Thanks guys. The Nicholson head is a solid piece, so I can't punch it, only glue. I think cutting up a couple of wigs might be my best bet.
Hi mate, have you defiantley decided against moulding and casting in silicone?

Personally I think that would be the only way to go in order to match the sheer awsomeness of your keaton!!!!

the hair could then be punched or at least punched where it counts :)

If you are uncertain regarding moulding, there must be someone close to you who could help. this is just too amazing to not do it in silicone!!!!

Did I mention this was awsome? :)

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