Can someone ID these 2 TE original ANH helmets???

DL 44 Blaster

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Since he owned two I have come across this old pic I had on an OOLLD hard drive it's label was TE's ANH helmet (the LEFT ONE) and started wondering which one came first. Also, if known (surely the makers do) which one got molded or did both???

On to the pics in question:

[attachmentid=7004] [attachmentid=7003]

The left one greater resembles this Sandtrooper (Move Along) in regards to the ears.




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TE2 on left. TE1 on right.

Also, TE didn't own the second helmet. It just passed through his hands when it was sold to Dave M.

Art Andrews

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And the one on the right is now owned by Brian R. The one on the right is the one that was molded, although I believe the ears off the one on the left were also molded. The one on the left is the helmet that was digitally scanned by GG.