Can someone give a Noob a start?


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Hello all,

I donÂ’t post in this section, but I am always browsing it and admiring all the great creations that you all build up.

I would like to try my hand at this and admittedly I am not a great modeler.

I am looking to by a Studio Scale kit for an X-wing or Snow Speeder and I have no idea where to start. I am looking for something that will not need a lot of sanding of rough edges (if there is such a thing) and something that will be forgiving if I make a little mistake.

I feel I can probably create an alright paint scheme, but I have no idea who to contact about buying kits.

So if someone can guide me to who I can buy kits from and maybe give me a little advice I would appreciate it. I should also mention that since I am kind of new to this, I do not want to drop a lot of money on the first one I do.

Any help is sincerely appreciated.




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Originally posted by amish@Oct 27 2005, 02:24 PM
WOw.  Thanks for the link :)

To tell if something is Studio Scale, will it usually say it?

Thanks again.


Normally a kit that is studio scale will say it is, since it's a strong selling point.

To my knowledge the only quality studio scale Star Wars kits that have been relatively widely available are the CC/Salzo X-Wing, Backlot Studios TIE Bomber, and Nice-N TIE Fighter. There are some others out there, but from what I've seen they are either not truly studio scale, or are lacking in detail accuracy. The TIE and Bomber are out of production and hard to find, check the Junkyard here and Ebay, but they rarely come up.

Like Krachenvogel said, the CC/Salvo X-Wing is excellent and is your best bet for getting started.

Good luck.


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Thanks 1138.

I was looking at the site and some other links. I am also now considering starting with a Tie-Fighter. It seems to be a little less involved.

Thanks again.



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Actually, the 1/24 X-wing isn't an especially difficult build, if you have a little experience with models (or even prop replicas). It fits together pretty darn well, and there aren't too many fiddly small parts, so the only major challenge is the large size. Jade's Dark Heart has a very helpful website describing the building of his kit. As far as other SS Star Wars kits, I would add the JMJ Models TIE bomber (no longer avalable, I believe) and the old SMT TIE bomber conversion (also no longer available, and reportedly not as accurate as the Backlot or JMJ kits).

If you have NO model building experience at all, I'd recommend starting on a smaller, simpler resin kit to learn the techniques on. Not too many Star Wars subjects available (at least since SMT got their C&D), but there are TONS of other subjects around.


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I have some modeling experience with the typical plastic models available at any hobby shop. I havent done anything in awhile, but I have no experience with resin.

Maybe, I will do a couple plastic kits so I can get a steady hand. Dont want to waste a couple hundred on a shaky hand :)


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I actually find resin much easier to work on the injection, especially when there is an amount of filling and sanding, but then everyone is different, just beware of resin dust its super nasty so get a mask, it may sound OTT but worthwhile, heres a pic of my incomplete salzo which i need to get my ass back in gear on lol, this was the first ss resin kit ive done (although ive knocked out a few resin anime kits) and i think im doin ok, patience is the key, but the guys are right, this kit rules and is very easy to build.

someday ill get time to finish it lol.
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