Can I Use A Wetsuit And Latex To Make My Suit..


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Was just wondering if anyone has used latex on wetsuit to make a suit,im just thinking on it as an option.
You would get very hot, if you were to do it, i would look for as thin a suit as possible.

You would be far better getting a lycra suit.
You can get 1mm thick wetsuits which are often used for warm water spear fishing but they often have a thick pad on the chest for loadimg the spear gun. Failing that have a look on some freediving websites. It will still be hotter than lycra but shouldn't be too hot. I've worn a 5mm shorty to a club for several hours before and it wasn't too hot.
hey , as me brother said, i used one for my fat ass and i walked the nyc halloween parade without passing out,, and im out of shape( ohh wait im in shape cause round is a shape, lol ), get a thin one for u , u be fine...
You would also have some serious bonding issues. Those suits are usually neoprene, so the latex would likely peel off. You might be able to create some kind of mechanical bond, but it would be tricky.
If I tried that in Florida, I'd melt. :cool:

All 3 of my skins are plain cloth with paint. Even a coat of latex would make them heat traps.
My suit build is a wet suit base,then latex skins on top.Here in england heat is not a prob,as its cold most of the time.Just drink plenty.
do u fit in a mr incredible suit??? i used a wet suit cause of my huge size other than that a mr.I is probably better and even tall are u and skinny or thick??
im 5 /10 tall and skinny 38 the berserker pred is perfect for me,but think the gort pred lends to bigger people.The MR I suits i dont like as there is a lot of work to make them look good,so prefer to sculpt to fit me with latex.personal chose.
does anyone know if the mr incredible suits come in multiple sizrs the only one ive ever found swallows me whole im 6 foot but a pretty slender guy
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