can anyone help me recover my paper props ?


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i need to find my angel investigations cards and my wolfram and hart card
i know some people mailed me for them
well now i am hoping that you could send me copys back
you see my pc has died the drive is no more and i have lost 4 years of collected images and all my paper props
so if anyone has a copy of my cards could you post them

the mail is

SG Merc

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Unfortunetly I don't have the images, but have been in the same situation that you are before. I had a HDD die, but was able to get some of my collected data off of it afterwards.

What is the state of your hard drive?

Kerr Avon

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I have Angel business cards, but they seem to be before your time. I've forwarded them to you to look at to see if they are yours or not.


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the drive says it has no partitions
so it may be recoverable
my mate is an i.t. guy
so he is going to take a look at it
so heres hoping
and thanks keer

SG Merc

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Sounds like a software problem. As your friend will probably already know, there are programs available to assist with recovery in those situations. I've personally only recovered from drives that were suffering hardware failure.

Best of luck.