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Hi, all:

Does anyone know where I can get, or perhaps know someone who might make, a bust of Julius Caesar that's accurate and inexpensive? I'm about to go on summer break, and I've pumped all my cash into buying books for a Classics Collection, and I'd like a bust of Caesar (or any other Roman, really) to decorate the top shelf.

This a link to the Latin Honor Society site that my program has, just to validate my request.

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Any and all advice or help is greatly appreciated.


I found a really nice one on Amazon too. Julius Caesar Head Roman Emperor, Marble Base: Home & Garden

I contacted all four vendors, asking if they'd like to support my effort and perhaps donate a statue. Two did reply, but said they'd only rebate the shipping. It was nice of them to even reply, but I was hoping for something far cheaper as a gesture. I'm not trying to be cheap, but my wife and I had to replace a car, and I'm about to go on summer break--not to mention all the books, so I'm sadly tapped out atm.
what size you want it to be? I can take a walk downtown and see if I can find something in a gift shop. Let me know the size! Oh, I live in Rome! :)
what size you want it to be? I can take a walk downtown and see if I can find something in a gift shop. Let me know the size! Oh, I live in Rome! :)

Oh, my god....lmao! There used to be a shop near the Piazza Navona, near the remains of Domitian's Circus. I saw a fantastic bust of Cicero there once, and walked around there last summer trying to hunt down that shop. The wife didn't know why I was walking her around there...she thought I was just following her shopping. XD

There's also a shop just up the hill on the Via del Teatro Marcello from the theatre itself--more of a gift shop, really. I've been in there many times, but I doubt that would do much to request a statue from an American they wouldn't remember.

Thing is, there's so many cheap copies out there, where Augustus has a deformed head or some other oddity, for example. I'm not looking for a masterpiece, just something nice, where the students can walk in and know exactly where to go.

In any case, shipping to the states would be nuts, and if a gift shop or somewhere would be willing to donate a statue, they'd certainly require astronomical shipping, don't you think?

I wish I was in Rome now, just after a cooling rain, down in the Jewish Ghetto having some pesto gnocchi. Mmmmm.....


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