Bumblebee (Post-release)

What did you think of Bumblebee?

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i "like" the transformers movies, BUT my 6 year old boy LOVES bumblebee. he is gonna love it no matter what. :cheers

Sluis Van Shipyards

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I REALLY like the look of the two Transformers in this one! They finally look identifiable when they transform. I just hope they let Bumblebee talk! That bugs me!


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Has anyone seen the trailer for this???

G1 Bee and 1 bad guy...


I’m sure it’ll be more Bay-poo but I really liked the trailer!

Any info? Prequel obviously?


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Re: Bumblebee Movie

I wanna see more. I like G1, but I do find the G1 design in the Cybertron flashbacks and the earth bot modes a little too different. Can’t wait for th3 merchandise tho.


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Re: Bumblebee Movie

After seeing trailer #2 I’m even more excited to go see this ! Love the G1 look on ‘em - even Soundwave and Ravage cassette !
Forget Bay and his popular,pimped designs.This is the real deal !


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the SHOTS are framed and paced in a way where you can SEE the bots.
This. Exactly what was missing in the other movies.It was both the pace and design that killed it for me.Because they ‘upgraded’ designs for pretty much every robot,I had to wait for their names to be mentioned in order to recognize them,and the designs in robot form were so messy with gaps everywhere that you had to pause/play the action sequences slow-motion in order to distinguish them from the background.
I have high hopes for this one.I hope lessons were learned on how to do this properly.In any event,my December is set :thumbsup