Built a full size star wars craft or vehicle?

Rhett J Martin

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Not a full sizer, but Star Wars Insider showed of a 1/4 scale Tantive IV. It was the size of a tractor trailer, and very well done. I'll see if I can dig up a photo.


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Originally posted by lambotour@Jul 23 2005, 08:16 PM
Well, I don't know who built this, but it's damn cool.


There are several of those. I believe that they are not truly 1:1. Not correct scale on some parts. I am not fully familiar with the story but many members here are and I am sure they will post. What members have done with them show the Star Wars community out there. They are great pieces. I would be interested in seeing other 1:1 scales out there.

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this is always present at the FACTS convention in Belgium, I think the 501st
Belgian garrison built it, there is also a pretty big ATAT in the background:D





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actually i believe its only half the size of the real AT AT(he. he. real). Either way its a cool display. There used to be a landskiff and snowspeeder replicas there as well. But the last time i saw them was many years ago and they were in bad shape. Like many of the props and replicas at the studios. And the Florida Sun is murder on everything.

Originally posted by KingNothing@Jul 24 2005, 04:40 PM
There's a close to full size (could be wrong about the scale) of an ATAT at Star Tours in DisneyWorld...
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