Building ROTJ Luke Skywalker outfit

Hey guys and to a lesser extent gals. I was looking to make the Luke Skywalker Jedi outfit from Return of the Jedi. I've been going through the threads and couldn't find any compendium of information needed to build this. I wanted to make the robes, garments and utilities. I was wondering if anyone had some good guides, patterns and maybe the fabrics used in the original costume. I'll post a few pics as reference.

Thanks to anyone willing to help me out.
First off, I'm not sure if they'd give up the info, but Museum Replicas has a highly accurate ROTJ Luke ensemble available. According to them, they had access to the original patterns and materials used. Check it out, if you don't get the info you need, then at least they have some decent pics (with closeups) for reference. And if you're ever in the area, they have a showroom in Conyers, GA...they generally also have booths at the larger comic conventions...Star Wars -
Yeah, I saw some posts about the Museum Replicas and people on the forum said they were actually pretty low quality. So I'm not sure. Though from the pics they do look great.
the conyers, GA showroom just had a clearance event (missed it, but hey it was only for like 6 hours)...a friend of mine picked up the Obi-Wan full ensemble, and when I had the chance to finally check it out, it struck me how much they were just like regular clothes (only better) know when you go to a costume shop, and there are the costumes that are sold, and the one's that are rentals...these were more like the rentals...and from what he's told me,they're completely comfortable to wear.

now as for the Luke specifically, I couldn't say...but I can't wait for them to start putting out armor next year
Just wanted to point out, the first two pics are from earlier in ROTJ, but the third is from later. The first costume worn in the film has a longer tunic top that isn't tucked in, and has the sort of vest looking appearance. The second costume worn is tucked and has that military-looking flap that can be un-pinned, which is grey underneath. Also, the glove wasn't worn with the early costume. I thought I would mention it so you can better clarify which costume you want to make.
I can't open any of the image links for some reason. But He only wore one costume throughout the movie (sorry Bloop, you are misinformed). He adds and subtracts layers, but he has the same base costume.

The costume consists of a Black gabardine shirt and pant. A black/grey silk tussah vest, and a muddy brown wool crepe 1/2 circle cloak with a full hood. If I remember when i have time to sit still, I'll see what more info I can give you. I've built this ensemble at least twice for clients and have/had sources for at least two of the fabrics.

The pattern I used, I based of a simple fitted shirt pattern, the pants from the McCall's Civil War Pattern, and the vest I made up.

One of my faves from all the films.
I posted this in another thread, maybe there is some useful info.

It's been 10 years since I did my outfit but I'll try to help.

From what I am told, the real pants are police motorcycle breeches. I believe if you look closely, you will also see a black stripe up the side.

Something like these:

I did mine as a jumpsuit. It helps with a nice fit and with the belt, you cannot tell. Whatever you do for pants, you want to make sure you have stirrups to keep them in your riding boots. I believed a Green Pepper brand sewing pattern was used but it was heavily modified.

From what I have been told, the vest, tabbard, and obi are raw silk. Mine is raw silk and it looks spot on (IMHO). I have tried and seen other materials and they never look right.

My suit is done in 100% worsted wool suit material. It looks great, not something you want to wear in the sun during summer. I am sure that it is not accurate but looks nice.

You need to wear a V2 style lightsaber. You do not want to use a hero because the tri-ring and the control box are the same side, the box will dig into your leg. Also the tri-ring is cumbersome on the hook.
I'm going to do ROTJ Luke with the endor poncho and donut helmet for Celebration VI. With the poncho covering everything I'm not going to be really particular with the tunic's accuracy.
I can't open any of the image links for some reason. But He only wore one costume throughout the movie (sorry Bloop, you are misinformed). He adds and subtracts layers, but he has the same base costume.
I didn't know that, thanks for the info! I wasn't so much misinformed as I was just always assumed they were two different costumes even though they were similar (I never sought out any info on it). Sorry for my incorrect assumptions!
Also my favorite outfit Luke wore... I too want to do this costume, I feel like I'd need to shave the beard. I'll be watching this thread with great interest.
Other than buying the licensed replicas...

The belt is easy to make with supplied from the leather craft store. 2" wide leather strap. two silver snaps, rivets, D-ring, small piece of scrap leather (to hold the D-ring), and a rectangle buckle blank. Other than that you need to locate someone who can provide a saber hook. I have heard that you can also alter a shoe horn for the hook but I've never seen it done.

The hardest part is cutting/grinding the corners off the buckle. You may also want to sand and polish the face due to the fact that all the buckles made have a divot in front. This will help decrease the appearance of the divot.


My belt is slightly modified. The two snaps should go on the other side and be the larger silver type (not small black)

For boots. The correct style are riding boots but those can get pricey. The first ones I got were actually Women's fashion boots (they can run cheaper buy 1.5 size larger than your mens shoe size. They had a low heal so they passed for men's. They had a zipper on the inside so it did not really show. Later I found a pair of rubber riding boots. I alternate between the two versions.

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