BTTF: Where can I find the presto log gauge graphic?


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I'm looking for the Back To The Future 3 Presto Log gauge Graphics to create a prop. Where can I find it ?



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it is pretty similar to an old nautical barometer. Because I can't afford that :D I did it in 3d print.
I made the whole gauge in 3d print. I'm still working on it but it is pretty similar. Based on images I made it in 6inches diameter.


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I'm just asking, because I saw some on eBay in different sizes. Looks nice fir my display. But I would prefer one with the correct needle. Is it also possible to print the needle in 3D?


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I made one in 3d but I did print it yet, I'm trying to adjust the measurements to make it as accurate as possible.
(It looks better than the screenshot :D )
Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 14.13.46.png

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