BSG Screen Used Viper Helmet Shell


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First of a bit thanks to all the propworx staff for the help and patience for putting up with me! :p Now to show off something I had my eye on for a while and just decided..ah feck it! Ill take the plunge!

This arrived the other day, not much of a photographer but took what I could. As the added post it says, it has been re attached and it is very fragile and very light! I was surprised at how light it was to be honest. Size wise, its smaller than I imagined the helms would be, but once its on it does not look too bad. Unless the hero ones were bigger??

As said in another thread, it was prob used from Season one onwards, so with the wear and tear on it, I am hoping that it got alot of screen time as background or stunt version..anyways...onto a few pics. Ill eventually get some proper flight deck overall ones up aswell.

Hope you all like
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Thanks for sharing the photos.

Always nice to see the art put into these props close up.
Cheers lads. Glad you all liked the pictures. If anyone wants any specfic pictures let me know.

Spot on Kalkamel, it was used during the sequenece for the first cylon war and in razor, but was modified from an existing shell used throughout the earlier seasons from what ive been told. So all i can do is hope. Now to get working on a proper display.
kwalsh0000, IT LOOKS AWESOME! I'm sure all the helmets were the same size. Money is important so why to do two moulds if you can go with one?

Please, can you take some pics with a rule or say some general dimensions of it?

Thank you very much!

PS: You could take some moulds of the helmet and do some vacummformed helmets... :lol Just kidding bud ;)
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very kool man :cool
congrates on the plunge, well worth it .
thanx for share'in the pic's. i can see a few mods i can apply to my helmets for a better screen look :love
Thanks lads. Ill try get some pics with a measurment and other details soon up soon.

Glad that they were of some help. The one thing to note is that the two 'lumps' on the front/top of the helmet have been removed to allow the decal to be applied by the looks of it.
Awesome buy. I had my eye on that helmet, and anything Razor related, but just didn't cross the finish line with any of the Razor items. The Cubits, and Viper parts and a few other things will be good for now.
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