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I didnt see an official BB prop thread so here I go. I apologize for 2 things - if a thread already exists, and for my crappy pictures (hey, I'm taking a photo class, ok?!? lol). Its a small collection so far but I have many ideas in the works. Second pic is all the photos, documents, etc. from the police file on Gale's murder. Anyway - lets see yours! (Special thanks to Great1 for identifying the box cutter model).


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Re: Breaking Bad (spoilers within)

Great looking collection, I really love the Los Pollos bag with the cash in it. I may have to steal that idea for my own collection.

I'll have to post an updated shot of my collection later, I haven't taken an updated picture since I got the green box cutter.


- Beneke Fabricators cup was used by Walt Jr. in the episode Shotgun (405).
- Saul Goodman matches were used by Walt in episode No Mas (301) and later by Skyler in Open House. (403)
- Heisenberg mini figurine I believe was from a presskit.
- Fly Season 3 Challenge Coin was a gift to everyone on the crew.
Re: Breaking Bad (spoilers within)

Those are some nice collections! I've been wanting to make a bag of the blue meth since I found out that it's actually rock candy.
Re: Breaking Bad (spoilers within)

that is some sweet collections there!!!!...I havent started mine as yet...

love the blue glass!

"he wasnt a cook..hes a chief!''
Re: Breaking Bad (spoilers within)

What about the Hollow tip .45 bullet Hank used that was dropped by one of the cousin hitmen.

BB is my favorite show right now.
Re: Breaking Bad (spoilers within)

You wouldn't mind divulging how you two came across all of these awesome props would you? Esp. the matchbooks and paper props.
Re: Breaking Bad (spoilers within)

While these aren't props or replica props I also got these from the Breaking Bad set,

Aaron Paul signed dollar with a note to me


Bryan Cranston signed 8x10 photo

Re: Breaking Bad (spoilers within)

Spent all my free time in the past few days designing this - its missing some text but there hasnt been clear enough shots to make it out. Maybe in upcoming episodes or when the blurays are out.

Re: Breaking Bad (spoilers within)

Great job Hecubus! I had never thought about doing Jesse's carton.

I obtained a Los Pollos Hermanos sign from the show, I took a photo of it with my camera and am working on it in photoshop now. I would like to do the plastic cup that Hank got Gus' fingerprints from but it may be difficult. I believe I saw the logo on a coffee mug as well.

Here is a preview, sorry for the watermark but I don't want people using it without my permission. The actual photo on my computer is nearly 2000x1500 pixels.

Re: Breaking Bad (spoilers within)

Very cool - the cup is a must have!

And no ricin yet in the cigarettes - but as soon as I source the little vial/test tube there will be ;)
Re: Breaking Bad (spoilers within)

Very cool - the cup is a must have!

And no ricin yet in the cigarettes - but as soon as I source the little vial/test tube there will be ;)

For the tiny test tube, try looking at where they have plants and fertilizers. I don't know why, I just have a feeling.

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