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Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by gokarosama, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. gokarosama

    gokarosama Well-Known Member

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    The original 13 + page thread has been deleted or has (perhaps more likely) dropped off the board, as has the thread by Ghost Host outlining the outrageous treatment he received from Jeff Parks.

    In any case, there were almost 100 members on the boycott list. That it is now gone perhaps indicates lack of interest. That's fine, and perhaps it was my responsibility to keep it on the board--the administration's view was that they had no view on the matter.

    It may seem disingenuous of me to now bring it up again, but I would hate for Steve's plight, boycott or no, to be forgotten.

    SUMMARY (EDIT: Steve himself has written a more precise account on page 3 of this thread):

    1. Long ago, Parks comes on the RPF looking for an MPP for his new line of replicas.

    2. Steve (Ghost Host) offers his, which is worth about 800$ and is perfect. An arrangement is made that he will get it back soon, and he is given a few Parks items for his trouble.

    3. Months pass.

    4. Steve asks about progress.

    5. More time passes. Steve asks again. Then more time passes, and he asks again.

    6. Parks MPP replicas go on sale (though incomplete).

    7. Much much much later, Steve gets his MPP back. So he thinks. What he receives is actually his MPP tube, but parts are missing, and some original parts are replaced with replica parts.

    8. Steve inquires what's up? And gets no response.

    9. He inquires again, and again, nothing. Finally Parks shoots back with a testy email saying if Steve continues to ask, he will never get any explanation or recompense, "RPF or no RPF."

    10. Steve makes this all public, here. We, certain RPF members, start a completely unofficial boycott until Jeff is willing to settle up. At which time the boycott will end. The RPF staff refuses to take any position.

    11. Jeff ignores Steve, and the boycott. Various RPF members blame it on China, on miscommunication, on Steve, on the cosmos. Various RPF members continue to buy from Parks. Jeff Parks never makes the effort to apologize to, acknowledge the dilemma of, or assist Steve.

    THE NEW LIST OF PEOPLE BOYCOTTING PARKS SABERS (alphabetically by RPF member name)
    UPDATED: September, 2006

    Beorn Tordensjold
    Darth Kahnt
    Don Solo
    Ghost Host.
    Henriko 2
    Holy Zoo
    Skalen Fehl
    voice in the crowd
    wuher da brewer
  2. propsculptor

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  3. KarlBud420

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  4. BigJoe88

    BigJoe88 Well-Known Member

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    /sign .....again
  5. Probe Droid

    Probe Droid Master Member

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    Why don't you refresh folks' memories on the reasons for the boycott.
  6. g-force

    g-force New Member

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    I wasn't on the old list. Sign me up.

    I've decided to try to replace the few Parks items I have. I'm down to 1 and would love to have a Larbel Graflex replica to replace it.

  7. Vaapad_VII

    Vaapad_VII New Member

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    Being new here, I'll take a refresher - why are people boycotting parks?
  8. lonepigeon

    lonepigeon Sr Member

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    The original thread was just bumped last week.
    It didn't fall off the board.
    Perhaps the mods moved it? You should check with them.
  9. Treadwell

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  10. Gytheran

    Gytheran Sr Member

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    It seems each of those threads are somewhat different than the intent of the "boycott thread". I suggest turning this one into the new boycott thread(if you so wish). If you do so, please add me to the list... again. :)
  11. Apollo

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  12. KingNothing

    KingNothing Well-Known Member

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  13. Cenobyte

    Cenobyte Sr Member

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    Just a short synopsis.

    GH lent Jeff parks an original MPP with teh understanding that he would receive it back in the conditioned lent.

    When it was returned it was NOT in the same condition and as well had NEW Parks pieces replaced on it and who knows where the original pieces went.

    When it was asked about getting the original parts (GH also admitted he was a bit harsh, but if I lent an MPP and received it back with no warning that it had replacement parts and not in the same condition, I would be * also) Jeff Parks basically told him to screw off and he was not going to get anything replaced or compensation.

    Short and sweet
  14. Planettera

    Planettera Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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  15. micdavis

    micdavis Master Member

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    Now hang on there Butch.

    As I understand it Jeff was not AWARE that replacement parts had been added to the MPP. I also undertand he attempted to get the original parts back but they were in CHINA and no one there knew or could tell the difference in the parts.

    Certainly his responsibility and he surely didn't handle it to well.

    But let's not re-write history.
  16. lesternessman

    lesternessman Well-Known Member

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  17. sithmasterjedi

    sithmasterjedi Well-Known Member

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    I've never dealt with parks. I have heard that his sabers are nice but it takes a long time to fill orders. I have also heard about his customer service being not so great. Personally I like my MR and have no interest in ordering any parks sabers so.......signed
  18. k.g.b 13

    k.g.b 13 New Member

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    i ordered one of parks sabers about 6 years ago (the rouge i believe)and tyhe shipping was great , got in les than a week ,the week before christmas , and also called him once about a saber related question and got great "customer" service,,

    but that was years ago so as far as i can see he was a cool guy back then
  19. micdavis

    micdavis Master Member

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    He still is a cool guy.

    He has 10,000 customers, and * off a few people here.

    They find it necessary to drag him through the mud.

    "Rather childish really"
  20. Gytheran

    Gytheran Sr Member

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    Yeah, he's a cool guy. He just screwed over one of his business associates.
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